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Viera East Golf Community
E-mail Alert System

Even in Viera East, we occasionally have a situation arise when prompt communication with all our residents is vital.  Fortunately, we have in place the e-mail alert system at our disposal. This vital source of communication allows information to quickly flow from our Association Manager, John Gates, to the neighborhood captains, then to YOU as individual households. This network has been used often to inform the community about possible criminal activity, weather warnings, or important issues that affect all of us.
Participation in the e-mail alert system is entirely voluntary but is encouraged to promote good lines of communication when necessary in the community. If you haven’t provided your e-mail address to your neighborhood captain and would like to be included, please contact the appropriate person for your neighborhood from the list below.
Thank you to the following volunteers who donate their time for this important function:
Aberdeen Addington
Main:        Larry Mangum
Phone:       321.631.1965

Back-up:    None at this time. Would you like to volunteer? Please contact Larry at the number
Main:        Gene Spilger
Phone:       321.636.9939

Back-up:   Jean Lewandowski
Phone:        321.632.5138
Ashton Blackheath
Main:         Kevin Bickham
Phone:        321.632.8854

Back-up:    Bill McClure
Phone:        321.633.3764
Main:         Judy Mammay
Phone:        321.735.4193

Back-up:    Lois Hamilton
Phone:        321.541.7498
Brightwood Canterbury
Main:         Tiny Butler
Phone:        321.639.9180

Back-up:    None at this time. Would you like to volunteer? Please contact Tiny at the number
Main:         Roy Wolfe
Phone:        321.638.3839
Back-up:    None at this time. Would you like to volunteer? Please contact Roy at the number above.
Collingtree Durban Park
Main:         Elaine Ferrantelli
Phone:        321.632.6403

Back-up:    Paul Ollier
Phone:        321.433.2816
Main:         Shirley Lloyd
Phone:        321.633.0424

Back-up:    Gwen Massey
Phone:        321.632.6720
Oaklefe Parkstone

Main:         Nicole & Patrick Davanzo
Phone:        314.496.0838

Back-up:    None at this time. Would you like to volunteer? Please contact Nicole or Patrick at the number above.
Main:         Rick Bienvenu
Phone:        815.262.4772

Back-up:    Gail McGinn
Phone:        321.636.0609
Stratford Place Woodhall
Main:         Pat Yarnold
Phone:        321.632.7701
Back-up:    Marchelle Zweber
Phone:        321.504.6391
Main:         Charis Gaines
Back-up:    Marlene Satterthwaite
Phone:        321.433.2878